Before you resort to back or neck surgery, please read on. Effective treatment for back pain, neck pain and leg pain sufferers is here, without the risks – and possible disappointments – of costly back surgery. The DRX-9000 by Axiom Worldwide, first offered in Minnesota at The Brost Clinic, is endorsed by many leading medical and chiropractic experts. In clinical outcome studies, a high degree of success has been shown, even with difficult and long-standing low back conditions.
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Conditions Treated:

  • Disc Herniations

  • Failed Back Surgery

  • Disc Degeneration

  • Facet Syndrome

  • Spinal Stenosis

  • Sciatia

  • Chronic Lower Back Pain

How Spinal Decompression Works

The DRX-9000 works by creating a gentle pumping action on the discs of the spine. This causes decompression (or release of pressure) of the discs and other structures in the lower back or neck that cause pain. The decompression also promotes fluids and nutrients to move in and out of the disc at a much more rapid rate increasing the rate of healing.


For a typical therapy session on the DRX-9000, the patient is fitted with a comfortable upper harness that holds the upper body immobile on the deeply padded and very comfortable treatment table. A pelvic harness is fitted to the patient to provide the lower back decompression. The treatment parameters are then set into the computer. This includes the treatment (pulling) weight, the proper disc level to be treated, and the number of treatment and rest cycles (typically 18 per session). The patient then stands on the treatment platform, leans back, and is slowly lowered into the treatment position (face-up). A comfortable bolster is then placed under the knees, and a lower back support is pumped up to the patient”s comfort level. A strap is connected to the pelvic harness, and the computer begins a slow pull that gradually increases up to the pre-set treatment weight and targeted disc level. This is usually half the patient”s body weight, plus 20 pounds. The maximum pull allowed is 150 pounds. The gentle pumping action of eighteen one-minute pulls and eighteen 30-second rest cycles then continues. Most patients relax completely, and some even fall asleep during the treatment. Advanced Back Technology is equipped with a video monitor that displays a lower back injury prevention program and an exercise program. Relaxing video and music programs also are available.


Following the DRX session, ice and comfortable electrical muscle stimulation are applied to complete the treatment. A gentle adjustment with an activator instrument ensures spinal alignment. Acupuncture is also available at this point in the session to provide further pain relief, if desired. The entire treatment session takes just under one hour. Exercise and rehabilitation programs can also be included later in the program, if needed. We also can use very important disc nutritional supplements, lower back support belts (if necessary) and a custom water bottle to encourage increased water intake. Patients enjoy their treatment sessions, and report significant pain relief following one to eight treatment sessions. A total of 20 treatments are required for lumbar disc herniation treatment, given over a six-week period. Flexible treatment hours are available Monday through Saturday.