The Brost Clinic is a chiropractic clinic which uses some of the best products and leading technologies in natural healthcare. Chiropractic adjustments are accompanied by other services and therapies which vary depending on the individual patient. At The Brost Clinic, each patient is tailor-made a treatment plan utilizing the best possible treatments and therapies for their condition.

Chiropractic Adjustments

The doctors at the Brost Clinic are trained in a variety of adjusting techniques. Traditional manual adjustments, drop table adjustments, or low-force activator adjustments are used depending on the patient’s condition and preference.

Therapeutic Exercise (Rehab)

Along with Chiropractic adjustments and other therapies, therapeutic exercise with one of our Doctors or Rehab Assistants offers muscular re-education, increasing range of motion, improving balance and strengthening. Different stretches and exercises are used depending on patients’ conditions, age, wants, and needs.

Massage Therapy

The Brost Clinic’s staff massage therapists help patients who need more substantial muscle work or stress reduction. Our experienced team of massage therapists offer a variety of techniques to suit each patient’s individual needs.


All of our chiropractors are also trained and registered to use meridian therapy. Acupuncture is performed with traditional acupuncture needles, but acupressure or a laser can be substituted. Acupuncture helps balance the energy meridian system in the body and is also very effective for pain control.

Spinal Decompression

The Brost Clinic was the first to offer the top name in spinal decompression in Minnesota: The DRX9000.  The clinic is the most experienced provider of spinal decompression therapy in Minnesota.  Our lumbar and cervical spinal decompression machines offer safe alternative to surgery for people suffering from herniated discs, sciatica, facet syndrome, and other degenerative disc diseases.

Adjunctive Therapies

Ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction, infrared cold laser, hot packs, cold packs, infrasound and/or manual muscle work are often used to prepare the patient for an adjustment. One or more therapies are used depending on the patient’s condition.


The doctors at the Brost Clinic are all trained in clinical nutrition. Specific supplements are often suggested in our treatment plans. We carry several lines of excellent supplements at our office and can tailor a program specifically for each patient, from simple multi-vitamins to Functional Medicine Treatments.


Homeopathic remedies are very effective in treating many conditions. They are all natural, totally non-toxic, and can be used for children as well as adults. We carry an excellent line of traditional German homeopathic remedies which, in many cases, can replace over-the-counter and prescription drugs.

Custom Foot Orthotics

We have a foot scanner with which we can have Foot Levelers custom soles made for your shoes. Foot Levelers’ custom-made, flexible foot orthotics are scientifically designed for the individual’s unique postural problems. Orthotics help to stabilize the feet, which helps level the pelvis, improve balance, and restore postural stability.

DOT Exams

Federal laws require anyone applying for a commercial driver’s license to pass a DOT physical examination every 24 months.  Dr Ryan Elton at The Brost Clinic in Wayzata is certified to administer these exams, and he can usually see a new patient within 24 hours of scheduling.

Payment Methods

Most health insurance plans cover chiropractic care. Auto and workers” comp insurance cover care at 100 percent. Our Office staff will contact your carrier on your first visit to verify the terms of your coverage as it pertains to your chiropractic care.  We will explain your coverage at your second visit, during your Report of Findings.  Patients with no or limited coverage qualify for our affordable, in-house WellCare Plan.

If you have questions about your insurance coverage or billing, call our clinic at 952.473.9637 and ask for our insurance manager, Rebecca. You may also e-mail your questions to us at .