Last Chiropractor

I love it here.  I wish I had found Dr. Brost years ago. She is my 5th and last chiropractor! 🙂

Karla H.

Big Help!

I€™ve had insomnia intermittently for about 5 years. Recently, the condition worsened significantly. Major sleep deprivation was negatively affecting every area of my life.

So far, I€™ve been helped by a treatment involving acupuncture and chiropractic. It has made a huge difference, even after only a few treatments. Both my quantity and quality of sleep have improved and I am able to function much more effectively.


Great Service

I have been a patient at The Brost clinic for almost a year now. I first visited them with a strained bicep tendon in my left arm which was the most painful sports injury that I have ever had. When I first went in I thought that my season on the golf course was over! But with just 2 months worth of treatments I was back on the golf course swinging the clubs. That was something that I thought I wouldn’t be doing this summer. The doctors at The Brost clinic are all very knowledgeable and professional. I will continue to visit them and refer them to all my friends/family



Overall Excellent
I highly recommend this clinic for anyone with chronic neck or back pain. I have dealt with debilitating pain for 10 years and im only 27. Doctors wouldn’t believe me, let alone listen to me. after 5 minutes at Brost, I knew I was at the right place. The staff is exceptional, understanding and most of all compassionate about what they do, and getting people well. I left feeling relieved, validated and hopeful 🙂 THANK YOU