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The chiropractors at The Brost Clinic are dedicated to getting you out of pain and helping you restore and maintain optimal health by providing the highest quality chiropractic, acupuncture, and natural healthcare in an exceptionally caring environment.  We treat families and individuals of all ages.

We are a group of chiropractors and health professionals who will take time to get to know you.  We will listen to your concerns, educate you on our findings, and empower you to transform your life.  Our team works collaboratively to provide you the very best care.  We also work closely with many MDs and specialists, and can refer you to them when needed.  They refer patients to us as well.  We work with most insurance providers, will check coverage, and our billing department will process all paperwork for you.  If you are involved in a car accident, we will provide all the legal documents to insure you are fully covered by your car insurance provider.

Our chiropractors are experts in the safe and effective treatment of lower back pain, neck pain,  headaches, migraines, mid-back pain, and extremity pain resulting from activities of daily living, repetitive stress, car accidents, sports, work injuries, and/or emotional stress.  We also offer acupuncture, massage therapy, spinal decompression, nutritional counseling, physical rehabilitation, and the most advanced diagnostics and adjunctive therapies in the industry, including on-site digital x-ray and access to MRI and CT scans if needed.  We use these to treat conditions like sciatica, arthritis, tendonitis, shoulder pain, spinal stenosis, hip pain, and degenerative disc disease.  We also have doctors certified to administer DOT exams.

The Brost Clinic has been located in Wayzata, Minnesota, for nearly 30 years.  While most of our patients are from the west-Minneapolis suburbs of Plymouth, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Mound, Long Lake, and Orono, some patients travel great distances to receive our award-winning care.

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